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"A few days after my grand-niece’s birth in 2008, she was diagnosed with severe hearing loss. Dealing with this was critical to her development of speech and learning. Her parents applied for coverage of the care she needed, but their application was denied because their daughter had a 'pre-existing condition'! What kind of society allows a private insurance company to put profit over a child's future? Thanks to the new health care law though, insurers are no longer able to do that."

Abby Drucker, RN

"I have a 21 year old daughter who is about to graduate college. She’s been on the honor roll, and I know she has a bright future ahead of her. But I get so worried about her in this job market. More experienced workers are unemployed or are unable to get jobs with benefits. How is she supposed to start her own career? I don’t want her to go uninsured, and I am thankful that she can now stay on my health insurance till she is 26. I don’t want her to pick a job based on insurance, and there would be no way she could afford it on her own. At least this is one less thing she – or I – need to worry about now."

Shirley Fleming

“Because the market had gone down in 2008, I only had part-time work in marketing and they did not cover [health insurance for] me. My salary was so low that I couldn't afford to purchase insurance on my own. I am a healthy single woman without children… I try to get free screenings to get my blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels measured… In general, everything is fine, but I am concerned that if God-forbid something serious should happen, I would not be able to afford proper healthcare. ... I can’t get Medicaid and health insurance policies are unaffordable. I am looking for more affordable options.”

Latesha Richards
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“I have diabetes that was caught early through preventive screening.”

“I was worried about health care for my daughter, but now she can stay on my insurance until she’s 26.”

“Insurers, who considered my partner’s heart disease a pre-existing condition, were going to deny coverage.”

Women’s voices are powerful. Joining together to tell our stories helps us make sure our voices are heard as policymakers continue to put the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into action.

We’ve already seen a lot of benefits from the law. But, for it to continue to be successful, we need to hear from you! Stories like yours help people understand the positive changes we’ve seen already, and help increase support for the law. They also show what still needs to be done so we can urge policymakers to continue fixing the problems we still face.

Join in our SisterShare. Tell us how health reform is working for you and your family. Tell us if you are having problems getting care. Tell us what you think still needs work. Together, we can mobilize to ensure access to care and coverage for all women.

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